Ready to take your business or team to the next level......and not sure where to start?


As business owners or executives, we hope we can find innovative ways to grow.  And yet change is hard.  Uncertainty is hard.  Feeling like we need to have all the answers is hard.

Connaborate℠ is about challenge.   It’s about gaining perspective.  It is a process to find the way forward in the midst of uncertainty.


The first step is identifying what we truly want and then being aware of what is holding us back.  Connecting is realizing that we don’t have all the answers and that no one expects us to have all the answers.  This is often the most difficult part of the process.  The first step requires us to be open to change, to be vulnerable.

Connaborate™ asks us to start the creative process by connecting:

  • To what is important to us….and what is important to others.

  • To the problems we face…and others face.

  • To our dreams….and the dreams of others.




Once we have a sense of direction – we can reach out to others to move the process forward:

  • Understanding the needs and vulnerability of the business.

  • Listening to the thoughts and ideas of others.

  • Combining our goals and ideas into one common vision.




In honest, open, raw conversation that we can begin to create a new path.  We can shift and explore new methods. Sometimes this takes help from someone outside our company, someone with a different perspective.  There are many ways to develop a more comfortable situation to achieve your goals, restructure your time, and make your business more vibrant and successful.

Connaborate is designed to draw upon the strengths of you and your team to find your unique path forward.

My experience in the corporate world taught me to rely on others.  If I had a problem with an employee, I sought help from the HR department.  If I got my monthly financial reports and didn’t understand a certain line item, I could ask the Financial Controller to explain it to me. I had the professional resources readily available to help me do my job better.

As business owners and executives, we need these experts in our corner.  Yet, I often see professionals trying to “go it alone”….perhaps based on a culture of “survival of the fittest” and asking for help might be perceived as a sign of weakness.  

Connaborate will help you connect business owners to the professionals that can best help them move forward.  As a strategy consultant, I form relationships with professionals in Human Resources, Marketing, Sales, Accounting and Finance, Business Development, and other support functions – the same support functions I had in the corporate world.  

Connaborate begins by assessing the needs in each of these areas.  A strategy is co-created to connect owners and executives to the expert who can help them address their highest need.  Once goals are achieved in a particular area, the focus shifts to the next priority.  We create a balanced approach to moving all areas of a business forward in alignment with the greatest needs and opportunities.

Knowing this – What will you Connaborate℠?


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