Janelle Roker, CPC, ELI-MP

Growing up on a Minnesota farm, where values and strong ethics were instilled in me, I developed a deep respect for an independent way of life and a firm belief that hard work, a positive outlook and determination can overcome any obstacle.  


Trained as a veterinarian, I spent 20 years working for some of the largest food producers in the world and for family-owned businesses managing production divisions,  developing business plans and financial models, and creating and implementing systems.  I helped start a family of businesses centered around helping family farms find viable niche markets. These businesses included a management company, an equipment import company, a meat marketing company, and brokerage firm.


I thrive in chaos.  It is where strategy becomes the key for understanding the landscape, seeing the opportunities, knowing your strengths and creating a business that fulfills your dreams.  I help cultivate leaders by focusing on your unique strengths.  I provide the guidance and tools you need to discover skills that have the power to transform the landscape of your business. 


I have watched business owners face challenges as the markets they serve and the world around them transforms.  Change is always challenging, but it is an essential part of businesses that want to succeed.  I help business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs discover the path to move their businesses forward. 


I’ll work with you to clarify your intentions, provide opportunities for you to gain awareness, develop skills in leading others, and help you achieve your highest goals. 


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